The high efficiency intelligent film coating machine fuses PLC and touch-screen control with the design of complete stainless steel and includes automated operation.

Controlled by PLC with a touch screen interface, this softgel encapsulation machine can quantitatively inject the oil, suspension or paste into the capsule to form the fully enclosed soft capsule in different sizes, shapes and colors.

The blister packing production line is used for packing aluminum-plastic blisters and cartons in pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, cosmetics, food, electronic products and other industries.

The AL-PVC blister packing machine is PLC controlled with a touch screen interface to create a one-stop production line, including blister forming, feeding, heat-sealing, creasing and blanking.

The AL-PVC-AL blister packing machine can be simultaneously used for three kinds of different packaging methods, including AL-PVC, AL-AL and AL-PVC-AL.

The automatic capsule filling machine is suitable for filling powdered or mini-pill shaped capsules. Adopting fully enclosed multi-station rotary tables and a PLC controller can automatically implement the capsule feeding, dividing, filling, waste capsule removal, capsule locking, finished product outputting and other processes.

The semi automatic capsule filling machine can complete the capsule feeding, dividing, filling, locking and other actions, providing easy operation and accurate filling.

The super mixing granulator is capable of completing the mixing and granulating process. It is PLC controlled with a touch screen interface for frequency conversion and speed regulation.

The cartoning machine operates continuously. Equipped with an automatic mechanical overload protection device, it is used for automatic cartoning of medicines, food, cosmetics and other products.

The fluid bed dryer is PLC controlled with a touch screen interface and is manufactured from genuine stainless steel. It can be used for powder granulating and drying in pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

Controlled by PLC with a touch screen, the tube filling and sealing machine can complete the filling and folding or the filling and sealing of ointments, creams, gels and viscous fluids, batch number printing (including production date)and other fully-automatic processes.

The tablet printing machine is used to print font logo and patterns on hollow or solid capsules, softgels as well as various tablets and sweets.

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